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Fitting Portrait and Landscape Images to One Size in Drupal

As any web developer can attest, formatting user uploaded images is a regular task with almost every project. Some of the most common challenges are formatting an image, whether it be tall or wide, to become a square or squarish image. The trouble is, when it comes to photographs of people, how can you setup an automated way to format these pics to a standard size without cutting people's heads off?! The trick is find a common focus and crop that works for both types of images.

Create a Multi-layer Map in Drupal 7 with Openlayers 2.x

There are many tutorials out there for creating maps in Drupal but most of them focus on just one layer on a map. This tutorial is for creating one map with multiple, switchable layers complete with pop-ups and a title. In the future I plan on writing more tutorials on more advanced mapping topics, such as polygons, using kml files, and other items. For now though, below are the main steps and concepts to understand with OpenLayers:

Essential Modules to Install with Drupal 7

There is no shortage of articles on the web about a company's choice for top modules for a Drupal website, but it's important to note that each project has different needs. Our own goals are: keep the site simple to use, quick to respond, well organized for SEO, and easy to manage. You may be building a site for an intranet, in which case SEO is not important, or maybe you don't care about semantics (hang your head in shame), but in any case, some modules are essential no matter what your need.