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What's new in Drupal version 10

Drupal 10 is the latest version of the Drupal content management system (CMS), a free and open-source platform used to build and manage websites and was released on June 8, 2022 as the successor to Drupal 9.

drupal 10 icon. Pure Web Media builds and supports websites in DrupalDrupal, which is used by a wide range of organizations and businesses, including government agencies, universities, non-profits, and corporations, to build websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, and other online applications, includes several new features and improvements, such as enhanced security, improved performance, better accessibility, improved user experience, and better support for modern web technologies. It also includes updated versions of popular Drupal modules, such as Views and CKEditor.

Some important differences between Drupal 7 (most Drupal sites today have been built with version 7) are:

  1. Improved security and updates that help to secure the website from potential threats.
  2. Improved User Experience (UX). Drupal 10 has a modern and user-friendly interface that provides a better experience for both administrators and end-users.
  3. Better Performance. This version has been optimized for speed and performance, making it faster and more efficient than Drupal 7.
  4. Improved accessibility features that make it easier for people with disabilities to use the website.
  5. Mobile responsiveness, meaning it automatically adjusts to the size of the user's device, whether it is a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  6. Improved scalability features that make it easier to handle large amounts of content and traffic.
  7. Improved SEO that help to increase visibility and ranking of the website in search engines.
  8. Better support for modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, making it easier to create modern, dynamic websites.
  9. Easier Maintenance: Drupal 10 has a streamlined update process, making it easier to keep the website up-to-date and secure.

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