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Drupal 8 was officiall announced today on Nov 19th, and with it comes with over 200 enhancements and improvements to benefit both web developers and clients alike.

Drupal 8 CMS Benefits for All

  • Mobile-first, Responsive, HTML5: Although these features have been available in previous Drupal versions, it is now default with Drupal 8 sporting an entirely responsive interface.
  • Faster Dynamic Content: Accelerates content delivery with dynamic caching to allow for personalized, data-driven user experiences
  • Multichannel, Dynamic Content Delivery: Which make geeks and clients both happy. This allows for delivery of content “as a service” to any site, device, native application, or emerging channel with RESTful APIs.
  • Front-end Flexibility: Embraces client-side frameworks like Ember.js, Angular, and Backbone so front-end developers can get creative with experience delivery.
  • Enhanced Usability: Offers a reimagined, easier-to-use authoring experience, with a new editor tool and streamlined in-line, in-context authoring.
  • Translation and Globalization: Designed to support global digital strategies, Drupal 8 transforms content management localization.
  • Faster Development: Introduces an object-oriented (OO) web development framework including components build in Symphony - a highly popular PHP framework used worldwide by thousands.
  • PHP7, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite: Full compatibility with cutting-edge versions of PHP and multiple database types

Drupal Benefits - in Plain English

Drupal introduces over 200 breakthrough features to help us deliver the right experience for you and your audience. Enjoy fewer clicks to edit your content and it's easier than ever to manage that content no matter device you are using, in-context, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing and previews. For viewers of the content, they'll enjoy a quicker response time, a streamlined dynamic interface, increased multilingual support with full translatability and localization out of the box, greater accessibility for those who may be visually impaired, and greater security protection of your site and files. 

Learn more about Drupal 8 here.

Contact us and we'll be more than happy to inform you as to why this modern content management system is not only an incredibly attractive choice for you, but ultimately the right one.