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Adding your own CSS to the Admin theme

Drupal theme builders enjoy an immense degree of control over the layout of their themes via css, but in some cases the best-practices for adding your own CSS to the admin theme is less understood. There are various ways to do this but our goal is to minimize any performance cost so that the site responds as quickly as possible. Here are three approaches for Drupal 7:

Microsoft ends support of XP

In this day and age, I like to think that a good portion of the population already know that Internet Explorer has been a pack follower, not a leader in supporting modern web browser standards. Microsoft recently announced that as of today, April 8, 2014, they are no longer supporting the Windows XP operating system, which is 12 years old, and rightly so. Did you know that hackers find vulnerabilities for XP on a monthly basis, and that Microsoft in turn has to release patches every month for the last 12 years to keep up?

Web Design vs Web Development vs Programming

In the business of web development we often hear the phrases 'web design', 'web development' and 'programming' but what are the actual differences between these areas? This article will examine the different roles of each and how they contribute to a project, highlighting the path this author took over the years in the process.