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Web Design and Development History

Pure Web Media's roots go back to when people still used Netscape, when Y2K passed without the world ending, and when Macromedia's Flash was an emerging technology.

Raj Persram, creative director, studied arts and science at Capilano College in North Vancouver. He went on to complete an 8-month program in graphic design, programming, multimedia and business management at western Canada's first 'internet school', Bodwell College. Raj contracted out his skills for two year in Dublin, Ireland before continuing on to work at a well-establish design firm in Brisbane, Australia. He founded Pure Web Media upon his return to B.C. The business has enjoyed steady growth since then and Raj continues to experiment with emerging technologies.

Pure Web Media's philosophy remains unchanged:

“Keep it simple, powerful and elegant”

We believe in producing work that we are proud of while keeping it affordable. It's that simple.

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