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IE6 is dead. Long live web standards!

Google announced that they formally ended support for the IE6 browser and as stated on DigitalTrends Microsoft itself will be phasing out support for the aged browser in their own Office Web applications. Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is almost ten years old, has had a spotty record when it comes to support for web standards and remains the bane of existence for most web designers and web programmers worldwide. As our own commitment is to embrace web standards, PureWebMedia also turns a blind eye towards IE6 as of Jan 1, 2011. It's time to move on.

Web designers and web developers often have to write in lengthy workarounds or hacks to get browsers such as IE6 to work properly, while browser producers Mozilla, Opera and Apple have long been staunch supporters of modern web standards with their own applications. The announcement that Microsoft's IE9 will indeed support some HTML5 and CSS3 features, one could almost hear cries of joy from web developers around the world.