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Dedicated CMS vs Hybridization

With a dedicated CMS such as Drupal, it's strength comes from an approach which emphasizes flexibility through modularity, where modules are designed to work well with the core system and expand its capabilities. What this translates to is choice, which in turn leads to a high degree of customization.

Granville Island Public Market Launches Website

Granville Island's Public Market recently launched their new website, The website is a fresh face to their previous one and is a full Drupal content management system allowing the 100+ vendors to advertise and showcase their wares. The CMS allows the vendors to enter all their information on one page, which is then distributed and presented in a simple yet elegant layout. Their pages feature full-screen images of their work plus the ability to update their content any time they choose.

Why Website Redesign is so Important

Redesigning your existing website's appearance is one of the easiest ways to boost business. If you want to increase the conversion rate and internet traffic to your website, it's important to keep your online front looking fresh and attractive. Your website is like a house, and the passing years act as weathering on the exterior.