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Inserting and Floating Inline Images in Drupal 7

Inserting Inline images with the body text can be approached by different methods which will give various levels of flexibility. Although there are at least half a dozen techniques, this article talks about just two in Drupal 7 - one method is quick but less flexible, while the other one takes more time to set up but offers the greatest flexibility.

Create a Drupal 6 Map with OpenLayers 2.x

OpenLayers is a tool for putting interactive maps online, displaying markers and map tiles from almost any source. OpenLayers is a pure JavaScript library for displaying map data in most modern web browsers, with no server-side dependencies. This article describes how to use the Drupal module OpenLayers to create a map displaying markers which will be taken from a node's CCK field.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source web development platform for online content. It is a type of website built on a framework known as a content management system. A Content Management System is a combination of tools that are put together to help organize, maintain and enhance content which can be made of text, graphics, sounds, video, audio, etc. One of Drupal's greatest strengths comes from giving users the ability to securely edit their online content at any time without needing to know html.